Conference Program

* The ITS 2012 Tentative Schedule
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* The Poster Schedule
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Topics of interest to the conference include, but are not limited to:
  • Co-adaptation between technologies and human learning
  • Intelligent tutoring
  • Informal learning environments, learning as a side effect of interactions
  • Collaborative and group learning, communities of practice and social networks
  • Simulation-based learning, intelligent (serious) games
  • Ubiquitous and mobile learning environments  
  • Empirical studies of learning with technologies, understanding human learning on the Web
  • Adaptive support for learning, models of learners, diagnosis and feedback
  • Modeling of motivation, metacognition, and affect aspects of learning
  • Recommender systems for learning
  • Virtual pedagogical agents or learning companions
  • Discourse during learning interactions
  • Ontological modeling, semantic web technologies and standards for learning 
  • Multi-agent and service oriented architectures for learning and tutoring environments 
  • Educational exploitation of data mining and machine learning techniques
  • Instructional design principles or design patterns for educational environments
  • Authoring tools and development methodologies for advanced learning technologies
  • Domain-specific learning domains, e.g. language, mathematics, reading, science, medicine, military, and industry.
  • Non conventional interactions between artificial intelligence and human learning

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List of accepted papers

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